“Narcolepsy.I want to touch your body now”

Experimental film, HDV, color, sound, 2013, Berlin

Installation made of flowers, milk, plexi, ceramic

Installation has been a part of the exhibition “Empirical survey on a heritage” in Museo Lazzaretto in Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy;

Project curated by Giovanni Casu and Giusy Sana in Collaboration with Culturia Art Residency in Berlin and Cultural Institut of Sardegna.


The work “Touch” is the result of a performative experiment realized in Berlin. The work refers to the famous video of Keneth Anger ” Fireworks” realized in 1947 in California. Men are placed in the green box and are invited to interact with each other. The scenes are based on improvisation and short instructions. The phtography refers to baroque still life and nude painting.

The second part contains short statements about love and sexuality. The question I investigate is how gender studies and sexual revolution changed the approach to love and sexuality and the dynamic of restraint versus indulgence.