About Me

Ewa Surowiec studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, graduated in 2009 from University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig and in 2010 obtained  a postgraduate diploma after completing Postgraduate Curatorial Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Her scope of intrest includes painting, installation and video art. She has taken part in many art shows, projects and residency programs and curated different international exhibitions and screenings. In 2010 she created a duo Xuka Fon Sztof with Karolina Kaźmierska.

A Title to Turn the Visitor Into a Lead

Born 1981, Łodź, Poland

         Screenings / Exhibitions

2020 “&I<3U2” Galeria Studio, Warsaw, Poland

2018 “ I like Europe, Europa likes me” Fondation Hippocrene, Paris, France

2016 “Touch” Screening, Femmes Video Festival, The Situation Room and LACE Contemporary Art Exhibitions in Los Angeles, USA

2015 Screening of BBK in Kino Central, Berlin

2014 „Transgressing Desires. Irreversible Narrations” Centrala Gallery Birminghamm, UK

2013 Screening of BBK in Kino Central, Berlin 
Cuarto Salon Contamporaneo, group exhibition,Gallery La Trampa, Mexico City
Satellites” Xuka Fon Sztof, duo with Karolina Kaźmierska, Project Space Wortwedding, Berlin
„Laboratory Investigations on shooting spirits” solo show in Galery MIXEUR, Puebla, Mexico
„Empirical Survey on Heritage” in Lanzarotte Museum in Cagliari, Italy
2012 BBK presents, screening, by Medienwerkstaat, Kino Central, Berlin, Germany
„Get Up. Stand up.“ exibition by Tree Production, Istanbul, Turkey
„Festiwal IN OUT. Art meets Science.“ art show,  „Łaźnia“ w Gdansku, Poland
“Punkty widzenia” screening as a special guest of Video Art Festival.Galeria Mahattan, Łódź, Poland
“Genau Sardegna!Holiday Island” Supermarket Artspace, Berlin; MEME Art Space in Cagliari, Sardegna
“Collony Collapse Disorder.Thinking about key figures indices” : Xuka Fon Sztof in Oil de Boef Artspace in Lyon, France
,Videofestival “In and Out”, screening, Łaźnia Gallery in Gdańsk, Poland
“Remembering and blotting out meanings of the things”, RAM Projects in Mica Moca,Berlin,Germany
“Kuriositaetkabinett”,Galerie Egal, Berlin;
“Neighbours. Boundaries and Community” , Vereins hub:kunst.diskurs e.V. , Eisfabrik, Hannover, Germany,
“Save as Art”, Art and Documentation Festival, Galerie Imaginarium, LDK, Lódź, Poland
          „Boundary # 29” – Xuka Fon Sztof ( duo with Karolina Kaźmierska) Galeria Wschodnia, Łódź, Poland;
„Hożarty – XXX“ Art Show in1500 m2 do Wynajęcia, Warsaw, Poland
Who makes art?“ Eisfabrik- Zentrum für multimediale Kunst und Theater, Hannover, Germany
„Obskur” Zona Sztuki Aktualnej, Artcenter, Łódź, Poland

Residencies / Prices

2011 Culturia Art residency, Berlin, Germany
2011/2012 Berlin Island, by Culture Institut of Sardegna in Berlin, Samatzai, Berlin, Cagliari
2013 Wortweding ART Space, Berlin Prices and Scholarships

2013 PAiR Performing Arts in Residence – in duo Xuka Fon Sztof with duo Realty Impanica Schloss Brölin
2010 Prix Pezieux of L’ecole des Beaux Art in Lyon – project Xuka Fon Sztof, in duo with Karolina Kaźmierska


2017 “Empirical Survey on heritage”, Institut of Culture in Sardegna, Berlin, by Giovanni Casu i Giusy
2011 “IN and OUT” selected works Video w Łaźni w Gdańsku.
“Save as Art “ DVD , Art and Documentation Festival, Łódź
2010 „The Labyrinth of distorted reflection” aut. Karin Kamolz, Exhibition catalogue, Art Space
Hallenbad, Wolfsburg
2009 „Co się dzieje w strefie cienia?” („What happens in the shadow’s zone?”) by Anna Leśniak, Obieg
– Art Magazin, „Anomalie i zwyrodnienia” („Anomalies and degeneracies”) by Zuzanna Sokołowska, Art.
Papier 8(152)/2010, „Tak okrutne, że aż piękne i tak piękne, że aż okrutne” („ So cruel that beautifull and
so beautyfull that almost cruel”) by Paulina Olszewska,”Okrucieństwo” Fragile nr.1/2010(7)
“Myths?” by Tamkea Dalvenstahl, Exhibition catalogue, HBK, Braunschweig, 2009

Publication of my texts

2011 “ Experimental and alternative exhibition concepts” Flashlights, fagazines – Arttransponder and
Berliner Pool
2012 “Kuratorenkuraselle. KW. Die Kraft des Kuenstlers als Kurator aus dem Geist des Surrealismus”
online Artmagazin “Eiskellerberg TV”

Projekty kuratorskie

2009 „Obskur”, Zona Sztuki Aktualnej Art centre, Łódź, Poland
2010 „Peep Generating” Museum of modern and contemporary art, Łódź, Poland
ENDOSYMBIOTIC Exhibitionprojects, Galeria Zero, Berlin, Germany
2013 “Underonstruction”, Szósta Dzielnica, MS2 Museum of Art, Łódź, Poland