Soundinstallation, Sculpture, Photo, Artbook

sound, wood, plexi, neon, lack and spray

Project realized during Wortwedding Art Residency, Berlin 2013

“Satellites” is the title of the exhibition by Karolina Kazmierska and Ewa Surowiec and their art book with a text collage based on correspondences between the artists, newspaper headings and quotes from friends. The text collage spans the last 15 years from the time they left Poland in 2002 to live in other countries. It is inspired by the poem “Antennaes in the rain” by Adam Zagajewski which consists of fragments of musings, memories, direct speech, impressions, exchanges, quotes etc. The artists were interested in the fragmented form of this poem as a basis for their own text. 

From the beginning of the project the artists focussed on sound in Adam Zagajewskis poetry, as the core to one’s experience of being in a particular place but also of being in one’s own head. In the sculptural audio installation, resembling an upside down megaphone or part of a satellite, one can hear recordings of non-Polish speakers who heard the text “Satellites”, transcripted it and then read out loud their transcription to someone else. Like in a game of Chinese whispers the following person then made a transcript of what they heard. The result is a deconstructed language as “Komunikat” (announcement, message) in correspondence to Adam Zagajewski’s poem of the same name. Communication, especially if one is in a foreign country, becomes a projection surface – one understands only what one is able to free-associate, to imagine, to remember. Language becomes a no man’s land one travels in and out of, like the home land.

A photograph on the wall is installed with a wink, loosely pointing to travelling on earth and in space

text by Nicola Caroli

Framed Photography / Installation view/Scultpure, Sound, Lights

Photography “Satellites” / Artbook with Drawings and Text / Artbook and Sound.