Project / art residency in Samatzai in Sardegna / Italy, curated by Giovanni Casu and Giusy Sana, in cooperation with Culturia Art residency and Italian Culture Institute.

experimental film, mixed media, 16 mm, video edited, HDV, Samatzai/Berlin, 2012

Exhibition view in Supermarkt Art Space in Berlin, 2012

The work is about forgetting and reconstructing memories that are impacted by the the perception and the time. Memories come and go constantly, are dynamic. We try to match them like a puzzle. Memories fade away by the time. Our mind, sub-consciousness and brain impact them constantly. I recorded simple family and social life in a small village in Samatzai, Sardegna. The figure of a grand-grandmother evoked images of my own childhood, which was a first input to develop concept of this work.