Collony Collaps Disorder ( Thinking about Key Figures Indices)
Collony Collaps Disorder consists on disappearing of whole colonies of worker bees.
The result of this disaster are strictly linked to economics. Thay can cause a real crisis of food market. Albert Einstein said: if the bee disappeared of the surface of the globe, man would have only four years to live. Almost a third of global farm output depends on animal pollination, largely by honeybees. Collony Collaps Disorder ( Thiniking about Key Figure Indices) is a reflexion about a state of human condition infected by financial crash. Society is once again in crisis, paralysed more by fear of the future than by economic stagnation. The installation is an evocation of chaos coming. Financial world appears abstract and immaterial but natures vectors influence it. Abandonded room reflects a dramatic incident. Structures are decomposed and all the order changes sense. Like worker bees collony declining, the world political and financial structures break down. But then contrary to mathematics, phenomenons of life are irreversible. Chaos becomes a vector of new construction still.

Exhibition in Oeil de Boef Art Space in Lyon, France


wood, paper, paint, tape, light

Still from Animation screened on TV. 2D Animation, loop

The numbers are changing constantly that the motion plus form creates an image of a shiny diamond.