It’s a site specific installation that interferes with the specific gallery-habitable space. Boundary # 29 analyzes notion of a border in physical sense but also in geopolitical and existential dimension. It investigates territory of what is marginal and enclosure.
What becomes officially admitted, accustomed in its aestheticism, principles of social function, city-planning rules, is confronted with area of hermetic, awakening often fear and anxiety of existence.
Boundary can be contained in clear idea resulted from agrophobia, introversion , possessive human nature, atavistic features and needs to determine territory, up to colonial and imperialistic attempts that can be transformed in aggressive physical forms of segregation and separation. Limitation of movement, accumulation of objects and people in habitable spaces, relations between public and private space and society are the questions that fix this project’s attention on.
Even though countries’ borders disappeared in Europe, they did not disappear from courtyards and streets. Artificial, architectonic barriers become frequent element emerging in urban estates or courts. Creation of physical obstacles in urban space forms sensation or maybe illusion of safety, escalating at the same time mutual enmity.
In the last twenty years, passages between back-yards of Wschodnia and Piotrkowska Streets were systematically walled. Owners of apartment-houses near by Piotrkowska Street separated courts by building up walls in passages between both streets.
In 2008, the last transit back-yard was closed at housing-community’s suggestion.

The first project – exhibition consists of permanent architectonic installation, an environment and of one-time action, that combines musical performance of Tsar Poloz invited to collaborate and video-installation.

Model of the construction


First room Inside

First room outside

Second room inside

Second room outside

Performance with Tsar Poloz and Łukasz z Bałut

Collaboration: Galeria Wschodnia, Łódź, Poland, curated by Adam Klimczak

Funding: Ecole Nationale Superieure de Beaux Art, Lyon, France

Technical support by SEKATOR Creative Rebels

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