“Narcoleptic” (“Narcoleptic states. Last dream in Pia della Cuesta. 12 heads found in the garden.”)

Videoinstallation, 3 Channels, video, 16 mm, Super 8 mm, animation 2 and 3 D, HDV, color, sound, 2012, Acapulco, Mexico/ Berlin, Germany

Narcolepsy is a disorder that causes short and expressive, sometimes exhausting and unpleasant dream visions shortly before falling asleep. I refer to violence and terror widespread by drug cartels in Mexico. The starting point is a village close to Acapulco and the forgotten and abandoned hotel. It is based on my experience, where I was a witness of a robbery, but local people were too scared to call the police and they told me a lot of teriffying stories about gangs and cartel. I combined my holiday records with new film material that I shoot in order to compose three channel instalation. Fears and tension of the people living there were also a part of the inspiration to create anxious ambient. Three pararelle screenings, with dynamic images are supposed to change like in calejdoscop. The experience of that night made me sleepless for two nights. Every time I was trying to fall asleep some visions and images were appearing in my mind. The concept is to get closer to the state of mind of the person that experienced trauma or very intense, negative experience. This half dream sequences seem to be similar to description of the narcolepsy disorder when dreams turn to a nightmare and the sick person experiences unpleasant feelings and strong tension, suffers from psychological stress until is exhausted and enable to falll asleep