“Narcoleptic” (“Narcoleptic states. Last dream in Pia della Cuesta. 12 heads found in the garden.”)

Videoinstallation, 3 Channels, video, 16 mm, Super 8 mm, animation 2 and 3 D, HDV, color, sound, 2012, Acapulco, Mexico/ Berlin, Germany

The form of dynamic sequences of images brings us closer to the consciousness and state of a mind  of the persons that suffer from narcolepsy. This kind of disorder causes short and expressive, sometimes exhausting and unpleasant dream visions shortly before falling asleep.

In the video the placement  is considered asa kind of nowhere space, but I refer  to violence and terror caused by mafia and gangs widespread  in Mexico. The starting point is a village close to Acapulco and the forgotten and abandoned  hotel. Then it transforms into unknown space full of fears and tension that creates a of visual hallucinogen kaleidoscope.