FFF Fool Fuck Forget Intercultural experiment on new social media and human's relatioships. Gender, love, communication, sexuality, virtuality.

ASKhIM Videoinstalation, 9 Channels, HD, sound, color, 2014, Istanbul

Intercultural experiment on new social media and human’s relationships. Gender, love, communication, sexuality, virtual reality.

8 turkish men in Istanbul  take part in the reenactment and interpretation of 8 different Whatsup and Facebook conversations between one European girl and 8 Turkish boys. The fake surface of the interpretation through overacting its content becomes double fake and becomes more real than a reality.

Its about fake love, desires and virtual miscommunication.



„To love belongs blindness, because it exists only as a vector into the uncertain. The subject accelerates towards a void the placeholder of which is the loved “object”.Markus Steinweg

“…particles, neutrons, neutrinos, priotons, neutrinos and the other are falling into a black hole until they reach complete annihilation…the end…Because of the big bang universe can rise from the dead… it might have been expanded or shrunk, sentenced to a long decline, lasting for light years give way…beyond this potential collapse of the universe state. According to Quantum theory entangled particles, even if they are on opossite sides of the universe, stay correllative. Every change of the quantum state in one determines the state of the other…This is what we all long for…”